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423 Water Street

(920) 269-8155

Village of Lomira Solid Waste Disposal/Recycling Information

Annual Drinking Water Report

Village Utilities

Phone service is through Frontier Communications: 1-877-462-8188.

Gas service is through Alliant Energy: 1-800-862-6222.

Electric service is through WE Energies: 1-800-242-9137.

Cable TV is through Charter Communications: 1-800-581-0081.

Sewer & Water services are through the village: (920) 269-4112

Bills are paid at the village municipal building, 425 Water St.


                                                                    RATES FOR WATER SERVICE


                                     Quarterly Service Charge                                      Volume Charges


Ύ” meter …………... $15.00                    First 20,000 gallons …. $3.62/1000

1” meter  ……….….. $27.00                    Next 80,000 gallons….. $3.38/1000

1 Ό” meter ……….... $30.00                    Next 400,000 gallons.... $2.00/1000

1 ½” meter ……….... $36.00                    Next 500,000 gallons… $1.72/1000

2” meter  ………….. $48.00

3” meter  ………….. $84.00

4” meter  ………….. $141.00

6” meter  ………….. $276.00                                             *Water rates as of 6/25/13



                                            RATES FOR SEWER SERVICE


                                  Sewer charges are based on water used.  Minimum sewer charge per quarter is $15.34. 

 The charge is calculated by multiplying the total number of gallons of water used by $7.04/1000 plus a service charge of $15.34. 

                                                                                                                                                               *Sewer rates as of 3/25/2010



                                                                       QUARTERLY UTILITY BILLS


                    Utility bills are due by the date printed on the bill and become delinquent on the next day after due date. 

                                 Delinquent charges will be assessed in the amount of 3%.  Minimum penalty is $.50.

               In the event the sewer and water bill remains unpaid after due date, there will be a past due/disconnection notice. 

                                                                Water service reconnection fee is $30.

Garbage and recyclable pick-up is every Wednesday except on Holiday weeks then the pick-up is on Thursday. Garbage and recyclable bins should be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 am. Stickers for bulk garbage items can be purchased at the village office. Yard waste is also collected on Mondays by department of public works. New recyclable containers can be purchased from the village clerks office.

Village of Lomira Solid Waste Disposal/Recycling Information

The Lomira Village Board has adopted a mandatory recycling ordinance and a user charge system for the disposal of non-recyclable refuse.

The recycling program consists of curbside collection of recyclables on Wednesday of each week. The village will provide an 18 gallon tub to each residence in one and two family dwellings. The first tub will be free of charge. Additional or replacement tubs will be provided at cost. Please use good judgment when placing cardboard and paper materials for recycling. Do not put out on days when precipitation is likely, or on very windy days, save them for next week’s collection. Following is a list of materials which must be recycled, prohibited materials, and preparation instructions:

Recyclables Prohibited Items Preparation
Glass bottles & jars window glass, cookware, drinking glasses, broken glass caps and neck rings rinse clean, remove
Steel (tin) cans aerosol cans, paint cans rinse clean, remove label, flatten
Plastic containers with No. 1 - 5 & 7 recycling symbols only toys, Styrofoam and other plastics rinse clean, remove caps, covers and rings
Aluminum beer and soda cans bottle caps rinse clean, flatten
Tie with twine in both directions, bundles no higher than eight inches
Business (office) paper
same as newspaper, separate from newspaper
Cardboard waxed or plastic coated material, detergent boxes flatten boxes cut to 24" X 24" pieces, bundle with twine

In addition, used motor oil and automotive batteries must be recycled. Motor oil can be disposed of at retailers who sell oil, or by depositing in the waste oil container located behind the Fire Station at 549 Church St. Motor oil MUST BE FREE of antifreeze, paint and gasoline. Automotive batteries can often be returned to retailers for credit. Flashlight and other batteries are not recyclable.

Disposal of bulky items such as furniture and appliances is still available through the village. A sticker which can be purchased from the village clerk must be affixed to these items. The fees are as follows:

Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and other appliances which contain freon. - $25.00

Washers, dryers, dish washers, stoves, water heaters, furniture and other appliances/bulky items which do not contain freon. - $20.00


Yard waste are collected by public works crews on Monday of each week.  Brush no larger than four inches in diameter and cut in pieces three to 10 feet in length will be disposed of with the village’s brush chipper. This brush must be piled neatly at the curb with the butt ends pointing in one direction. Yokes in branches more than one and one-half inches in diameter must be cut through so the material can be fed into the chipper. All other material which is too short to chip must be placed at the curb in a sturdy reusable container such as a garbage can, barrel, or pail for collection. From approximately October 15 to approximately December 1, leaves must be placed on piles just behind the curb, or at the edge of the roadway. Leaves in containers will not be collected.

As stated previously, recycling is mandatory. This information sheet is intended to give residents a brief summary of the regulations which will govern the village’s solid waste collection program as of that date. Ordinance No. 217 establishes more detailed regulations and penalties for failure to recycle, and for illegal waste disposal practices. Citizens wishing to examine this ordinance may do so by contacting the village clerk’s office.

The Lomira Village Board asks your cooperation in these programs so that solid waste can be managed in an efficient, environmentally sound manner. Thank you!