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Lomira Police Department

Police Cruiser
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Village of Lomira Police Department is a community responsive law enforcement organization that strives to bring its employees and citizens into working partnerships to identify and resolve community problems. We strive for excellence by providing our employees with a positive, supportive and professional environment that encourages innovative problem solving to enhance the quality of life in our community.

The Police Department is located inside the municipal building, located at 425 Water St.

Name Rank Position
Christopher Mireski Chief Administration/Patrol
Russel Ebert Officer Patrol
Bryan Frank Officer Patrol
Jon Schulteis Part-time Officer Patrol
Sharon Fox Liaison Officer School Liaison/Patrol
Brittany Borchardt Part-time Officer Patrol
Michael Cochran Part-time Officer Patrol
Daniel Dabringer Part-time Officer Patrol
Connie Krueger Administration Assistant Administration


For information or if you would like to contact the Village of Lomira Police Department, contact us at (920) 269-4900.